GPS Fuel Monitoring System - The Best Way to Save Fuel and Prevent Diesel theft

Diesel Price Hike!

Petrol Price Hike!!

Gas Price Hike!!

The hike has been constantly increasing at a regular interval, with the hike in fuel prices it costs increase in consumable products. The Fuel Price hike is affecting everyone, either directly or indirectly.

If we take a close look, the primary face of the people affected by the diesel price hike is the people holding the transport business!!

In truck business, out of total expenses 25 to 30% of expenditure is spent on the fuel. The rise in diesel hike hurts the transporters a lot.

Major problem in the Indian transport operators, they don’t spend time and investment for efficient fuel management and transportation management tools.

What if they use the Fuel management software? 

To guide and provide detailed insights to transporters, we provide the detailed article on the fuel monitoring system to manage the fuel efficiently and reduce the diesel theft issues.

What is a Fuel Monitoring System?

A fuel monitoring system is a software application aided with fuel level sensor and GPS device to track and monitor the fuel level, fuel consumption and diesel monitoring.

Telematics technology is used in the fuel monitoring system, where the raw fuel data is captured and transferred using the telecommunication technology.

The need for fuel monitoring solution usage is increasing day-by-day among the transport industry to have a third eye on their fuel tank to reduce theft and monitor diesel level at regular intervals.

Fuel monitoring system allows the transporters to supervise

  • Measure the diesel refill on the fuel tank
  • Detect the diesel pilferage from the tank
  • Diesel theft alerts (if occurred)
  • Vehicle mileage reports

How Does the Fuel Monitoring System Work?

The Fuel Monitoring System functions efficiently with the Fuel Level Sensor, though there are other ways to get the fuel data, the accuracy and data precision is high when FLS is used.

The below mentioned devices and parameters are prerequisites for fuel monitoring system working.

  1. Fuel Level Sensor (Capacitive Sensor)
  2. GPS Device (Support Fuel data)
  3. SIM card (For Data transfer)
  4. Cloud server (Hosting server)
  5. Software Application

About Fuel Level Sensor

There are many fuel level sensors such as ultrasonic, resistive, capacitive, hydrostatic but we recommend and prefer the capacitive fuel level sensor for accurate fuel data.

The fuel sensor has no movable parts, length extension or reduction can be done based on tank size. The fuel sensor sends data such as fuel level, fuel volume, fuel consumption and other parameters provided by the manufacturer.

Advantages of the fuel level sensorBetter accuracy of fuel level measurement (compared to other types)

  • Sensitivity to fuel level change
  • Sensor can be fitted to all types of fuel tanks
  • Conversion of level (mm) to volume (litres) will be done precisely

How Does Fuel Solution Work?

Let us understand the fuel monitoring system working pattern in step by step process from installation to alert notification.

Step 1:

Install the fuel level sensor on the diesel tank along with the GPS tracking device to capture the fuel data from the level sensor.

While installing the sensor proper wiring needs to be done along with fuel data calibration for better accuracy in results.

Step 2:

Activate the SIM card and insert in the GPS tracker device to transfer the data to the server.

Step 3:

The transferred telecommunication data will be captured by the cloud server, where the data is stored.

Step 4:

The captured data will be processed by the application backend using advanced data processing technology. The process can be viewed as reports and alert notification on the fuel monitoring software application.

How Fuel Monitoring System - Fuel Level Sensor Works

Importance of Fuel Management System

The role of fuel monitoring is immense in the transportation sector especially in the recent trend of increasing fuel price and diesel theft happening across places.

The fuel sensor is one of the best solutions to improve the diesel tracking and improving efficiency for the vehicle. Let’s assess these points in detail in this section.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Fuel monitoring system ultimate purpose is to increase the fuel efficiency, once this is achieved all other aspects related to fuel and vehicle’s performance will increase.

The fuel sensor installation provides major reports including the fuel fill data, fuel consumption data and mileage reports.

These reports and data will help to monitor and track the vehicle performance periodically, in that way the transport operators can understand the fuel consumption pattern, fuel pilferage and proper mileage reports. It all leads to proper fuel management to increase the efficiency.

Reduce Fleet Fuel Theft

The real purpose of installing the fuel level sensor in the vehicle diesel tank is to reduce the diesel theft issues faced by the transport owners.

Yes, you read it right! (the trigger reason to install the fuel sensor).

On installing the fuel level sensor, in case of theft events, the transport owners will get instant notification with the amount of fuel theft, location of fuel theft with timing details, based on the report and fuel tracking the theft can be captured.

Once the theft is captured the drivers and persons involved in the theft will get into fear and avoid diesel theft next time as he is aware now the owner is monitoring the fuel data regularly. 

In fact, it has reduced the diesel theft to many operators post installing the fuel level sensor, similar to installing the CCTV camera in shops and houses to avoid theft occurrences. Still there will be some thefts but definitely there will be reduction in theft occurrences.

Benefits of Fuel Monitoring system

Get Alerts on Refuel and Drain

Truck owners will get regular alerts and notification on fuel fill, diesel theft and any drain occurred on the diesel tank. 

All these alerts will be helpful for the transporters to monitor the fuel of all their vehicles hassle free.

Real-Time Fuel Level Monitoring

Vehicle owners can track the real time fuel level in their vehicle using the fuel monitoring software application.

In that way, transporters and their managers can remotely monitor the vehicle’s fuel tank with the installation of a fuel sensor.

Track and stop Fuel Theft

Any theft occurred in the diesel tank will be alerted to the transport owner or incharge person immediately.

Once the theft has been detected, it will create fear among the persons involved in the diesel theft since the application provides the volume of diesel theft, location of the diesel theft and time that occurred precisely.

So there will definitely be a reduction in the fuel theft and at one point the fuel theft will be stopped on installing the fuel sensor.

Vehicle Mileage Tracking

The next most important benefit for truck owners is that they can have the clear vehicle mileage report for the vehicle trip wise, week and monthly report.

In that way, the truck will get to know actual vehicle mileage for the vehicle, no more assumptions and wrong calculations.

LIVE Location Tracking

Vehicle location can be tracked LIVE using GPS tracking software comes along with the fuel solution. 

This will be helpful for the transporters to get the estimated time of arrival (ETA), time spent on idling, parking, and overspeed data with the application.

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