GPS Fuel Monitoring System

  • Anti-Diesel Theft Solution
  • Imported Fuel Sensor with 99% Accuracy
  • Instant Alerts and Details Reports on Fuel
  • Available in both Android and iOS along with web app
  • Dedicated Support Team to address your requirements
Fuel Monitoring System
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Benefits of Fuel Monitoring System

Best Report and Analytics

On our software application get fuel fill, mileage, diesel consumption rate and diesel theft alerts.

Diesel Theft Detection Report

All thefts are deducted using fuel level sensor and alert notification are provided on the GPS fuel monitoring application.

Instant Alerts and notifications

Major notification for transporter are provided on our application engine on, parking, over speed and filling alert etc.

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Diesel Wastage Deduction

Diesel Wastage Deduction

With the aid of the technology the tranporter can avoid unwanted diesel wastage occuring during the trip apart from theft, as they can monitor all major aspects remotely using fuel tracking solution.

Fuel Efficiency Imporvements

Diesel is one of the major expenses in logistics operations. Proper vehicle maintenance coupled with fuel monitoring system efficiency can be improved.

Fuel Filling Tracking

Fuel Filling Tracking

Get precise fuel filling data and report on our GPS software application. The details provided include diesel filling in litres, filling location and time. 

120+ Diesel Theft captured in Last 4 Months (Apr 2023 - Jul 2023)​

Features of Fuel Monitoring System

Leading Fuel monitoring solution with best application features

Track Fuel Filling

Vehicle diesel filling can be nmonitored remotely for the vehicle with our diesel tracking solution.

Minute Drain Detetion

Minute Drain Detetion

Even if there is any minute fuel drain occurs in the diesel tank it can be dedected using the fuel level sensor.

Support All Diesel Tanks

Support All Diesel Tanks

The Fuel Level sensor can be installed on any vehicle diesel tank if the height of the tanks greater than or equal to 15 cm.

High Accuracy

High Accuracy

The sensor is precise in providing the data with accuracy of 99%.

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

Track the vehicle LIVE on GPS software application along with diesel level in the vehicle tank.

Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

Alerts will be shared via App notifications, SMS and Email.

To prevent diesel theft and Know more more our sensor

About Our Fuel Level Sensor & GPS Tracker


Italon Fuel Level Sensor

With the help of ITALON fuel level sensor possible to get the parameters which you never had before:

Teltonika FMB120

FMB120 can perform tasks on remote objects, such as monitoring engine status, controlling truck’s door etc. Teltonika FMB 120 device is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of remote objects is needed:


Solution suitable for

Our Fuel Tracking System addresses needs of Transporters and Logistics

As we are all aware that petrol and diesel prices are increasing, it has reached close to INR 100. Fuel expenses is one of the major expenditures in the logistics operational cost, around 25% of the total expenses. So it is essential to monitor the vehicle diesel expenses and consumption rate.

To address the such problems, we at Warrior Trust Technologies provide the best fuel monitoring solution to track the live diesel consumption of the vehicle with the aid of a diesel sensor, GPS tracker and software application.

On installing the fuel level sensor in the truck diesel tank, the transporters can monitor the vehicle tank with fuel fill data, consumption rate and diesel theft alert notification on theft occurrences. Also, they can find the vehicle mileage trip wise, day wise and month wise using our various reports we have provided on GPS software applications.

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