Who we are

We at Warrior Trust Technologies started this company to advance the technology usage and process on all segments of the Logistics & Transportation industry. Technology is evolving every day but the adaptation rate is not the same as evolution. We are aiming to take the advantages and benefits of the usage of technology in the logistics industry.

As we all know the transportation is the lifeline of Indian Economy and major contribution to the country’s GDP (around 10%). With the adaptation of technology the efficiency and productivity of logistics sector multiplies which in turn increases the contribution to the country.

The technology we are majorly focussing on is fuel monitoring and vehicle monitoring to improve fuel efficiency and tracking effectively. Apart from this, we will address the needs and demands of the logistics industry in future.


Reach technology to all the spheres of the execution process in the logistics industry.


To enable technology advancement in the logistics and Transportation sector to increase the efficacy.


Seamless service providing using our software software application with consistent support to the users.

Lets Understand each other

We would like to know more about your requirements and we also want to elaborate how our services will benefit and impact your business.

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Our team will contact to understand all your requirements and provide extended support to fulfil your needs with our advanced telematics software solution.