Dashcam with Road and Cabin View Video Cameras

Dashcam Cabin View Camera
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Why Dashcam Video Camera Installed on Vehicles?

Reasons to install the Dashcam on Trucks and Vehicles
Live Tracking

Track Real Time

Vehicle Tracking with Live Visuals along with GPS Locations


Insurance Claims

The Dashcam recordings can be used to claim insurances for false claims

Instant Notifications

Driver Behaviour

Analyse the Driver Behaviour using our dashcam

Live Tracking

Improve Security

Dash Camera will help to avoid the accidents because of negligence.


Theft Prevention

Dash Camera on front and Cabin view will identify any vehicle theft issues.

Instant Notifications

SOS Communication

Emergency commnunication with driver can be done using the dashcam

About our Vehicle DashCamera

JC400 Dashcam

JC400 Dual Channel Dashcam

Vehicle night vision camera and recording equipment to improve security and ensure safe parking.

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Suitable Vehicles for Dashcam Video Camera

Bus Camera
Car Camera
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